Chapter 10

R1145MS Canard Construction


Purchased Canard

I purchased my canard from Dennis Oelmann. I supplied him all the Brock parts and he built the canard. Based on my estimate, he built the canard and elevator in about 2 weeks. Its amazing how he can make such a quality part in such a short time. He explained to me that this one is probably his serial No. 30 - no wonder! The canard arrived in a 175 pound, 14 feet long wood crate. I thought the UPS guy was going to get a hernia before he could get it off his truck . The canard arrived in good condition and it was much lighter than expected. I was real careful in separating the elevator from the canard for Chapter 13. It's a shame to have to take such a nice assembly apart. However, the plan says - that's the way it has to to be...


BTW, my canard & elevator weighs 29 pounds.