Chapter 16 - Section 1

Pivot Mounts


Bearing Blocks CS109 & CS118

The bearing blocks are simple birch wood pieces with 3 holes in them. It is important to note that the template dimensions as shown in Chapter 16, Page 2 are for phenolic material bearings. Just about all new builders are using the FMN10 bearing blocks, thus the hole dimensions in these templates are not correct. I drilled mine with a 1 1/8" hole saw to accommodate the FMN10 diameter. In addition, the FMN10 mounting holes are 1/4" in diameter as well.


Aileron Torque Tube Bearings

I dimpled the aileron torque tube bearings with my drill press per plan. The mounting locations for these bearings were established when I was working on Chapter 9, Section 1.  I decided not to enlarge the holes at this time but to wait until I got all the torque tubes done and trial fit first before drilling the hole for the bearings - just in case they come in crooked...