Chapter 16 - Section 3

Assembly of Pitch & Roll Parts


Trial Fit

Efforts in this section were performed pretty much in parallel as the parts were fabricated one by one. Here's a top view of the control stick section. Note the RT-2 (roll trim brackets) and the nylon washers I was using at this time.


I reversed the direction of the FMN10 bearings at the aft bearing block as an added resistance to thrust loads by the control stick. Looking at the construction of the FMN10 bearings, I just can't imagine that the thrust load will be high enough (by the control stick) to push the bearing out of its housing, especially through the top end of the metal housing. Since the entire rudder torque tube is tied together as one, the opposing orientation of the FMN10 bearings may provide an added resistance to the thrust load both fore and aft directions.