Special Occasions 2015

This is going to be my favorite page for recording our Cozy building process. The purpose of this page is to record people who visited and unforgettable memories that made our journey so enjoyable and meaningful. When looking back, they will bring smiles and warmth to our hearts.


Moving to the Airport

I have been building my Cozy in my warehouse at work and I have continued since my retirement.  In August, it was time to move out of my office to the hangar at Chino Airport. So I combined the office move  as well as the Cozy move at the same time. Took me a good 2 months to clear out of my office - which kept me off the Cozy building effort.


Since my office was only 5 miles from the Chino Airport, the move was not too bad. Jamie and Jim offered their help. They have a nice flat bed hauler (as shown). We just pushed the plane (without wings) with nose down onto the flat bed and tied it down with straps. A 10 minute slow drive on a Saturday morning completed the move.










New Home for my Cozy

A few months after the move (around December), we re-assembled the plane back together and took a picture of our Cozy's new home.