Special Occasions 2016

This is going to be my favorite page for recording our Cozy building process. The purpose of this page is to record people who visited and unforgettable memories that made our journey so enjoyable and meaningful. When looking back, they will bring smiles and warmth to our hearts.


Me vs Propeller... ~!@#$%

I was advised that once the engine is mounted on the back of the airplane, it becomes back heavy and can easily tip back regardless of the weight in the front.  As a precaution, one should place the propeller horizontal in case it does tip, not to damage the propeller.  But be careful when you are working around the engine!  The tip of the propeller almost becomes invisible when approached from the sides… especially if you are looking down or just not paying attention.  Well, my turn has arrived...while looking down as I walked towards the back of the plane The result was that I walked right into the stationary propeller suffering a gash by my eyebrow very close to the eye.

@#$%!  @#$%  @#$%  Translated:  OUCH!  OUCH!  OUCH!


After a quick trip to Urgent Care, the doctor said that I do not need stitches (although I questioned him about that) and gave me a tetanus shot anyway.  So now, not only does my forehead hurt, but my arm hurts as well.


And after scraping my shoulder many times bumping into the propeller, this was the last straw.  The next day, I decided enough is enough and did something about it to make the tips more visible by putting gloves on them.  A simple fix… hopefully it will help!